Your Life Time Opportunity

 Why Jordan

“But the common thread among us all is that we are looking for new opportunities and a place to call home; and Jordan affords this to us. After previously traveling to other countries, those in the Middle East and those in the West, and learning more about immigrant and migrant policies among these nations, I cannot help but to applaud Jordan. “Malena Pric, Duke Global Health Institute 

Jordan has always followed an open-door policy towards people from all over the region and the world, while building a country on strong foundations that had been an attractive destination for living and for investing alike. 

  • Favorable Climate

Blessed with a temperate climate, Jordan is made for comfort. Those who love the great outdoors will enjoy clear skies and low humidity.

  • Security & Safety 

Despite regional turmoil, Jordan continues to be a point of attraction for foreign investors who view the country as an oasis of peace in a volatile region and continuously tries to maintain stability, moderation, and security. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018; Jordan is considered a safe and stable country by both global and regional standards. In the 2017 index of the Legatum Institute, Jordan ranked 92 out of 149 countries and in security and safety, Jordan ranked 65 and was higher than the regional competitors such as Saudi Arabia  74 Egypt 116 and Turkey 133

  • Attractions & Lifestyle 

Jordan location in the heart of the Middle East along with a host of attractions for different needs,  had made the country a  destination to visit for tourists from all over the world during the four seasons 

  • Strong Infrastructure 

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report (2017 – 2018) ; Jordan continues to benefit from a stable and efficient institutional system and good infrastructure, innovation and business sophistication. At the heart of this effort is a reliance on an ongoing commitment to strong research, innovation and development of technological capabilities. 

  • Technology and Telecommunication 

Jordan is the region’s leading ICT solutions hub and addition to the regionally competitively priced broadband & internet tariffs per month enabled Jordan to rank globally the 4th and the 12th in mobile subscriptions and broadband subscriptions, respectively. You can view success stories in ICT sector on:

  • Education & Workforce 

(70%) of the population being under the age of 30, Jordan in particular has only (3%) of the MENA region’s population, however it hosts around (10%) of all universities in the Arab world. Jordanian education is renowned regionally as highly advanced and graduates highly skilled and innovative professionals in the healthcare, engineering and IT fields. In addition; Jordan’s labor market ranks high in terms of quality of higher education and on-the-job-training.

  • Most Welcoming Country in the World 

Jordan is considered the second highest country in share of refugees per capita in the world, refugees has fled to Jordan from Palestine, Syria, Iraq and other countries seeking safety and prosperity over the last seven decades. Despite its limited resources, Jordan had treated locals and refugees alike in basic rights and services (access to health, education & work permits). During COVID19 pandemic, refugees communities were Jordanians and non-Jordanians in the country were all treated as “part of the same system” as quoted from minister of health.  

  • Jordan Performance during COVID19

As end of August, 2020; Jordan has registered a little more than 2000 cases of COVID19 infections over the span of five months since the first case was detected. These confirmed cases were a result of mass testing of population reaching more than 80,000 tests per million of population (well above WHO standard at 25,000 tests per million). NO OTHER regional country was able to keep the infection rate this low.