Tiba Commercial Centre

Tiba Commercial Centre Located at the heart of the commercial area of Marj Al Hamam, the centre is designed to become a landmark relative to the surrounding low-scale commercial area. The project total built up area is around 5,600 sqm of retail shops and offices; the centre provides around 1,600 sqm of underground parking to provide residents with comfort facility for their businesses.

Marj Al-Hamam – the intersection of Asim bin Nayef and Ahmed Awad Allah Streets – the main street of Marj Al-Hamam

Category: Commercial
Number of floors: 7 floors
External stores: Partially sold out
Internal stores: Available in areas ranging from 23-56 square meters and topped with similar areas
Upper floors: Three floors suitable for commercial exhibitions, clinics, or offices
Parking: Two floors of underground parking
The number of elevators: 2
Interfaces: Double compound and aluminum
Ceramics: Italian and Spanish first toast
Electricity system: 3 Phase.