Thuhair Project

The project is located at the outskirts of Amman in a panoramic plot overlooking the capital in a very quite and special neighborhood; yet only 10 kilometres away from the 7th circle. It consists of five semi‐detached villas of utmost quality, modern touch and exclusive privacy for each villa.

The project consists of five semi‐attached villas enjoying a high sense of privacy and exclusivity. Each villa total built‐up area is a 730 sqmover four stories; basement, ground floor, first floor and roof.

The project is accessible by three surrounding roads. The two main roads from the northern and southern sides are entry points to the compound; whereas the Eastern road is a private one offers access to provided private garages for each villa as well as an extra parking area along the road for visiting guests. The Western component offers an entrance pathway that leads to each villa’s main entrance and exclusive garden.

The project is served with two main streets on the Northern and Southern sides with a total width of 26 meters and 12 meters; respectively. Additional private road on the Eastern side as indicated in the layout

As the private road presents an accessible entrance to the villa; the basement area is designed to handle visiting guests through private entrée; easy access to elevator as well as the creation of a guest room.

The ground floor is accessed via the main entrance leading to guest room and dining room with corresponding guest toliet. Main kitchen is also located at the ground floor.

First floor is the main floor for family activities where two bedrooms for kids are located along with one master bedroom. A small kitchenette and living room serves the family atmosphere in the floor.

Roof floor presents a private suite as it only caters for big master bedroom and adjacent living room. The roof terrace is ideal for special occasions as well as daily relaxation hang‐out given its panoramic view of Amman city.

In line with the Company’s policy to ensure highest quality of work; management s strict material selection and control to the finest details. The following section highlights for the major specifications used for the project:

I. Thermal and Moisture Insulation:

  • All footings, tie beams, column’s, wall’s neck and sides of the retaining walls, all exterior walls of the water tanks, water beds and wet areas are isolated with Saudi Modified Bitumen (4mm thickness).
  • A special preservation plastic material is placed over the insulation outdoor areas to secure insulation full protection against exterior construction activities in the project.
  • The interior walls of the underground water tank walls are waterproofed using a special ingredient commercially known as IdrosilexPronto by Italian Mapei.
  • Building interiors were insulated by Polyurethane to ensure maximum thermal and moisture insulation.

II. Natural Stone Work:

  • All natural stone work is Golden Jerusalem (Taffouh) stone for walls cladding, pergola cladding and stone copping. All stone installation was fully mechanical (i.e. it is not directly attached to concrete to secure optimum preservation of color and quality).

III. Doors and Windows:

  • All Interior doors and wood work are solid rich Wengedoors (African origin)
  • Aluminum windows are double‐glazed from Al FaqeerCo.
  • Charts are all internally electrically controlled; provided by Al FaqeerCo.

IV. Interior Systems:

  • Central VRV air conditioningsystem from Daikin–Made in Japan
  • Underfloorheating systemfrom Uponor(formerly known as Wirsbo) –Made in Sweden
  • Solar systemfrom Millennium company for each villa
  • Security and surveillance systemincluding CCTV cameras, motion detectors, video intercom and sliding gates for the compound
  • Satellite dish systemcovering for locally popular satellites; NileSate, ArabSatand Hotbird
  • Telephone operatorfor each villa from Siemens–Germany

V. Finishing Works:

  • Porcelain floor tiles (interior and exterior) are ofItalian origin–first grade, selected and imported especially for this project from CaramicheRichettiin Modena, Italy.
  • Ceramic tiles for floors and walls in main bathrooms are offirst grade Spanish origin.
  • Wall hung toilets, bidets and washbasins are from Swiss LaufenCo.
  • All basin and shower mixers are GroheEssencemixers
  • 2 jacuzzisfor each villa in the two master bedrooms
  • Guest and Dining Rooms floor tiles and stairs in all floors are Spanish CremaMarfilmarble tiles.
  • Skirting tiles for Guest and Living Room areas are Dark Imparadoramarble
  • Internal walls and ceilings are painted with Duluxpaint
  • Special coating material is used for external walls and ceilings/beams

VI. Conveying System:

  • Each villa is supplied with its own elevator.