Rabwet Abdoun Project

The project is located at the outskirts of prestigious Abdoun area overlooking city of Amman. The project consists of two attached buildings; building A consists of six stories with two apartments in each floor and while building B consists of six stories with only one apartment in each floor

Built on plot No. 1013 (Rabwet Abdoun)


  • Stone: Ruished, first class, and insulated against moisture
  • Concrete: ready-made concrete for foundations, columns, bases, and nodes
  • Iron: according to Jordanian specifications

Finishing works

  • Windows: Double aluminum glaze – double cut panels 6 mm wide and 12 mm wide with a hollow tube base and bronze glass
  • Shutters: aluminum + first-class foam
  • Salon tiles: Natural Italian Oriental marble
  • Ceramics for bathrooms, kitchens and floors: Spanish first class
  • Interior doors: Oak veneer for the shutter and pommel, with louvres, giraffes, and initial pommels
  • Exterior door: sealing and fillings, clad with oak veneer for the shutter, the frame, and the first frame
  • Heating: central, similar boilers or equivalent, working with diesel, radiators made in Italy, first class.
  • Electrical installations: Rigid pipes, and Jordanian Cableco wires according to the thicknesses of the diameters found in the engineering drawings, Italian (AVI) switches, and panel breakers (ABB). Intercom of the Italian Petron type.
  • With the extension of the satellite line and a telephone line for each apartment.
  • Elevators (number 2): Jordan Elevators (six passengers).

 Sanitary installations (bathrooms and batteries)

  • Pipes: Al-Adsani or it’s equivalent for hot and cold water supply and air conditioning.
  • Santina bathroom sets, first class, Portuguese made
  • Batteries: Rorays
  • Upper and lower tanks: capacity of 2 m3 each
  • Air conditioning: foundation in living and master.

Deluxe (EGGSHELL) or matt white.